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Special Events Are Scheduled By Appointment.

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Family Night


We are a great complement to fundraising! Let us provide the fun, and you bring the creativity! We will help you raise money and a pre-arranged percentage of the proceeds from the painting event is generated for your worthy cause.

This is a completely unique avenue for fundraising but book now as holiday spots are filling quickly! We bring the supplies...you bring the worthy cause #Win-Win
$25. per participant

3 hours per event.

Recycle, Reuse, and Paint

Eco Friendly


Bring something to contribute to the group. Your trash could be someone else's treasure. Let’s innovate! Choose from fabric, canvas, cups, an article of clothing and give new life to an old or unused item.

$20 per participant

2 hours per event.

Nexus Art And Music Center At Pharr Elementary's Event For Mothers And Sons.

Snapshots At Nexus Art And Music Center

Paint & Chat Clip 1

Paint & Chat Clip 2

Paint & Chat Clip 3

Paint And Chat Clip 4