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Ages 4 to Adults

Private Music Lessons are $99. for 4 weeks.


Offer Cannot be combined

Music Instructors:

Flute Instructor: Alyasia Muhammad. 
Alyasia began her music career at the age of six. She studied on her principal instrument Flute at Boston’s Berklee College of Music where she studied contemporary music. Alyasia obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Audio Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. 

Guitar Instructor: Joshua Lewis.

Joshua is a Classical Guitar instructor who has studied music his entire adolescence. He obtained his Bachelors and Masters degree in music performance at Georgia State University and has been teaching music for over 10 years. 

Bass Guitar Instructor: Michael Dawson.

Micheal is a Bassist with a background in Jazz and Funk music. He received is Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Bass Guitar is Micheal’s primary instrument and he has been playing for over five years.

Violin/ Viola Instructor: Chase Mekdara.

Chase is a Violin, Viola and Cello instructor with over 13 years of experience. He obtained his Bachelor's in Viola Performance and Asian Studies at Furman University, and has intricate knowledge on the maintenance and repair of some of the highest quality string instruments in the Violin family. 

Violin/ Saxophone Instructor: Mariama Tatum.

Mariama is a Violin plus Saxophone Instructor. Her education includes: Music Performance Education at Berklee College of Music,

Music Theory at the Julliard School, Chicago Merit School of Music, the Waldorf School of Atlanta and Georgia State University, where she studied Voice as well.

Saxophone Instructor: Quincy Chapman.

Quincy is a Saxophone instructor with over ten years of experience. Quincy obtained his Bachelor in Jazz Studies at Valdosta State University. 

Saxophone Instructor: Dietrich Jones.

Dietrich is a saxophone instructor with a Bachelor in Jazz Studies at Georgia State University. Improvisation, jazz charts and standards are Dietrich’s speciality.

Piano Instructor: Drew Spradlin.

Drew is a classical piano instructor with over fifteen years of experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Music at University of Montevello and a Master’s Degree in Classical Piano at Manhattan School of Music. 

Piano/ Drum Instructor: Kavius A. Young.

Kavius is pianist and percussionist. He received his Bachelors in Music Education from Central State University. He has been playing for over ten years and enjoys playing at his church.

Piano Instructor: Michelle Barnett.

Michelle Barnett is a pianist with over 20 years of experience. She has studied music at Florida A & M University, and Howard University. Ms. Barnett is certified to teach music by David Wayne Lawrence. Ms. Barnett has taught musicians to read music plus play by ear, and perform onstage, as well as, on air.

Drum Instructor: Timothy Scott.

Timothy is a drum instructor with over ten years of experience in various percussion instruments. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Jackson State University.

Drum Instructor: Trevor Howe.

Trevor has played the drum all of his life. After joining drumline in high school he auditioned for Atlanta Quest, where he further developed his skills, as well as, Georgia State. Trevor also performed a season with Equinox Percussion, a world class competitive drumline group. Trevor has toured with several bands at the following venues: Furnace 41, and Live Wire. 

Voice Instructor: Karena Lewis.

Karena studied music at Mercer County. She is a Classically Trained Singer and teaches several genres of music, as well as, piano.

Voice Instructor: Marcella M Paul.

Marcella received her Bachelors in Business and Music from Georgia Southern University, and a Masters from Saint Leo University. She is a classically trained singer and piano instructor. Marcella began her love for music at a young age and attended Mannes College: The New School for Music. She was mentored by world-class artists and educators. Marcella is a former member of The Spivey Hall Children’s Choir, founded under Dr. Martha Shaw, and The Spivey Hall Tour Choir.

 Voice Instructor: Christopher Lewis.

Chris Studied music at Mercer County, The College of New Jersey, Lansing Community College, and William Patterson University. He is a Classically Trained Singer, as well as, a saxophone instructor.


$75.00 for 4 weeks.


4:30pm - 5pm, ages 6 - 9. 

5pm - 5:30pm, ages 10 - 16. 


5pm - 5:30 pm, ages 6 - 9.

5:30pm - 6pm, ages 10 - 16. 


12pm - 12:30pm, ages 6 - 9. 

12:30pm - 1pm, ages 10 - 16. 

Art And Music Program:

$140 for 4 weeks 

Students will work in oil or Acrylic in art class, and take private lessons on the instrument of their choice. 


Students at Nexus Art And Music Center practicing for a concert

A student at  Nexus Art And Music center playing a melody

A student at Nexus Art And Music Center playing a familiar song.

Music Teachers

Kavius Young teaches Piano Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Joshua Lewis teaches Guitar Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Alyasia Muhammad teaches Flute Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Chase Mekdara teaches Violin and Viola Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Karena Lewis is a voice and piano instructor at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Christopher Lewis teaches Voice and Saxophone Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Christopher Lewis teaches Voice and Saxophone Lessons at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Trevor Howe teaches Drum Lessons

at Nexus Art And Music Center.

Trevor Howe teaches Snare Drum for marching bands at Nexus Art And Music Center.